Customized broken Xbox One Elite Controller (V2 style)

I’m an Xbox One Elite controller owner. I have just recently dealt with a “sticky” left analog stick and broken shoulder button, as I’m sure many others have

Controller%20back Controller%203 . I have fixed many controllers before - so I have some parts lying around (from controllers that were “hopeless”). I had seen the leaked photos of the “version 2 Elite” - and I’m a big fan of the newer design of the Xbox One S controllers - and had one that had a disconnection issue that could not be fixed. After fixing the analog stick issue, I wondered if it might be possible to modify the frame of the S controller to house the elite parts. The only point of contention was the profile switch (which I have maybe used twice - so not a huge worry, but the frame of the S controller would not accommodate it), so I managed to use a Dremel and some micro files to fashion a place in the frame for the switch to sit - even though I have not modified the S controller faceplate for it. Other than that, the only other issues were: 2 plastic standoff pins - which I just clipped off, 2 small “hooks” on the shoulder button faceplate (clipped those as well) and the socket connections for the 2 boards being an extremely tight fit. All said and done, I have an Elite “version 2 design” controller - with better bumper buttons - all working, save for the profile button. So I used: The modified S controller frame, triggers, shoulder buttons and faceplate and the Elite controller internals, buttons, magnetic analog sticks and D pad, and back casing. I has the same heft and all of the functionality of the Elite controller. I may modify the faceplate for the switch eventually, but for now, It’s all good. I’ve attached pics.

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I had that issue with my first XBox one, but the issue was my XBox (OG one). Had to replace that to escape that issue.

I had an elite as well but had the Bumper problem. Replaced that and things were fine for about a year. Then the thing finally broke for good. You pushed the left stick in and the guy would shoot. Gave up on that and hacked a standard controller to a ghetto elite. I really only use the D Saucer pad and trigger stops.

Repaired and customized Elite (KIA)

Here is my current controller. It’s a standard controller with the D Saucer pad, the Elite style thumbsticks (magnetic and removable) and even hason / off trigger stops. I never learned to use the paddles so I didn’t need them.

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