Cyrodiil PvP 7/15

Let’s get GRG out and about in Cyrodiil for the night. I should be home and online around 9 PM EST and will be going straight into Cyrodiil. My main Campaign is Blackwater but I’ll be going into my guest campaign on Versidue-Shae. That seems easier to queue into.

Things to do to prepare

  • Set you PvP campaigns. I’d suggest Blackwater as your home campaign,
    as it’s the one that has the most coordination and Versidue-Shae as
    your Guest Campaign.

  • Do the PvP tutorials. This will give you an understanding on WTF to

  • Set up to be a Glass Cannon or Tank. I really thing burst damage is
    better for PvP. Especially the chaotic nature of Non-Vet pvp.

  • Learn to call targets and focus fire. Let’s nuke people down

  • Learn to respawn. WE WILL MOST LIKELY DIE A LOT. It’s ok.

  • Have fun. I’m just looking at killing some scrubs and capping a keep
    or two. And hearing some momma jokes.


We need a good GRG night, even if you haven’t played/chatted with anyone in guild chat, join up. Let’s drink some beer, kill some folks, get killed, but most of all have fun!

Also, Bring a Horsey. Cyrodiil is bigger than Gunny’s sister. Walking just isn’t going to cut it.

Network is up, all happy faces. Ready to battle those milk drinkers in Cyrodill, only hope I don’t take an arrow to the knee.

Yeah I was just in with lala and some guys and I got kicked out and am stuck at the same place

I’m on vacation I’m ready for some PVP action when I get back.

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I did a thorough walkthrough with the tutorial…no worries @Lala_Calamari

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We are a well oiled machine…Taking over the map!!!

Looked more like a well splattered machine. Lots of death. The one issue with that campaign is there aren’t any groups doing anything. Blackwater’s PvP is a lot better, just dat queue.

That was pretty crazy. All of a sudden 6-15 enemies came storming over the hill towards our castle.

This was me.

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It was literally “Horse simulator” from the keep to siege. I had to dish out some crown for speed upgrade afterwards.

Nah, we just need t L2Play. When I got on, we never truly grouped up. We need to group up, call targets and team shot that bitch down. Need someone to CC him. And never run, it’s a damn game.

I think a few of us didn’t know what to expect, me for sure. Having a definite plan will help next time, and I like the idea of starting small. More people would be good too, I sent group invites to a couple of newbies but no response.

20 empty soul gems didn’t help, need to fill those up before hand.

I’m not sure if the soul gems bought at the siege vendor are what you need. If so, you can quickly fill them up at the target dummies in the practice area (trebs and ballistas).

Not that it helped much but I used my high level char. to craft level 14 gear for non-vet PvP. Had 5 piece Night’s Silence & 3 piece Ashen Grip. These crafted sets all available in Auridon. Put magicka reduction glyphs on all armor & jewelry, arcane rings & necklace.

Crafted Set bonuses

Had good sustainability until kept getting killed by fire ballista or invisible health drain/no clue.

Don’t judge me. :sunglasses:

Too late, already did.

I need to test out some PVP so I’m not completely lost.

Oh don’t worry…even after testing it out you will still be lost.