dang it grif i told you to stop making up intros.

Hurry up, ladies and gents This ain’t no ice cream social. (wait for crowd to exchange looks). Stop the pillow talk, you two. Anyone want to guess why I gathered you here today?

Couple of things today, ladies. Command has seen fit to increase our ranks here at GRG outpost number 1.

hi my name is shawn i am 40 yrs old . been playing games since forever. i play of lot of different games ranging from cod, overwatch, bf1, to games like borderlands, diablo, ghost recon, division and assasins creed games. im really looking forward to playing the the new Far cry 5 game. i work 3rd shift so im mostly on the evening or really early in the morning .

So unless anybody here has anymore mythical creatures to suggest as a name for the new guy we’re going to stick with the Scarebearz. How about it, Grif?

Grif: No, sir. No more suggestions.

Sarge: Are you sure? How 'bout Bigfoot?

Grif: It’s okay.

Sarge: Unicorn?

Grif: No really. Uh, I’m cool.

Sarge: Sasquatch?

Simmons: Leprechaun?

Grif: Hey, he doesn’t need any help, man.

Sarge: Phoenix?

Grif: (sighs) Christ.

Sarge: Hey Simmons, what’s the name of that Mexican lizard? Eats all the goats.

Simmons: Uh, that would be the Chupacabra, sir.

Sarge: Hey Grif, Chupathingy! How about that? I like it. Gotta ring to it

have a great day everyone look forward to playing with you all soon


Welcome Shawn.

Apart from being a big fan of Red vs Blue, and presumably Halo by association…
What are you mostly playing right now? Or are you switching between all of those you listed.?

Fairly sure COD and Division still have active players here, though I’m less certain on the Xbox side myself.
You into PUBG?

I’ll add you on XBL shortly.

Great intro. I will add you to FL Welcome…you will fit in just perfect here

Finally someone’s going to get my RvB references! Welcome man!

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Original RvsB was so great! You team killing fucktard!

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Welcome. Still have an active xbox Destiny 2 group. Run the raid every Saturday at 9 est. GT Sniper T1 on the x1.

what’s rvb?
who’s Griff?
Do you call yourself sarg?
Are we supposed to call you sarg? that might get wierd.
Yes, I’m another one of the resident smartasses. Nice to meet you.
I think we’ll get along just fine.
look for a FL add.


LOL @valiantvictory wasn’t it you and I who recounted the whole history of Halo while we were playing ESO the other day?
acting like an ignorant fuck is one way to be a smartass :grin:

yup and yup

Welcome to GRG
GT is beersandleafs

Fuck. I get it. What does that make me?
Or maybe it just makes you reallllly fucking old.

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Welcome aboard.

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hey there thanks for the warm welcome

currently i am playing , cod ww2 and black ops3 (occasionally) pretty much any assassins creed game, borderlands collection . and division and forza horzion 3 and the odd titles i dont really play one game all the time . last one i did was black ops 2 and 3 .

i mainly play the campaigns in halo i was never any good at the mp. i have not tried pubg but i did try fortniite i didnt like it

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thank you everyone for the warm welcome . i really appreciate it .

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Welcome to GRG!

Dude anytime you want to relive the halo co-op hit me up. I miss those games

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Really games up our alley. See the @CODPlayers, @BattlefieldPlayers and @DivisionPlayers Groups.

I added you to my Friends list and sent you an invite to out XBox Club.

XBox Gamer Tag: Lala Calamari

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Unless the only things you didn’t like about Fortnite were the building aspect and the cartoon-style graphics then I’d suggest you skip PUBG too.

Welcome to GRG Shawn !