Dark zone farming

Saturday morning and saturday night I’ll be hosting darkzone farming for loot in the division. So come join in on and stock up. At both 7am and at 8pm. Me and @ReaperMan10 will be on

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Also looking to possibly run some survival if anyone interested

Good DZ run tonight. (@quantumklutz @ReaperMan10 and even a little with @shortbus) Got enough DZ credits for those god roll gloves the one DZ vendor is selling (53rd street entrance).

We farmed a ton of loot and credits but the most fun was the dudes we wrecked at the supply crate. Of course the rolled us 3 times after that. Which put them in a manhunt mode and had the full server chasing them. I got a few rogue kills which was worth the dropping of 2 DZ levels from getting killed.

Supply crate dudes got wrecked with Tactical Link. Suckers!!!

Got my D3-FNC Shield build after last night and it is so much fun. me and @ReaperMan10 spent all day today fragging shit in DZ 6. can now face tank a big flamer boss no problem


Good times last night running HVTs and some DZ 5-6 loops with @Lala_Calamari, @APMech12 and @Jtheism. A few tense moments but no rouges. Two supply drops claimed in DZ6 made for a nice haul.

I bought the gloves LaLa

Nice on the gloves, they’re supposed to be God roll. Or so the youtubers say and they know all.

I considered shooting that group when we were extracting. He was about to get shot if he didn’t leave. I didn’t know what the rest of the group would of thought though. Not sure if people needed their loot or not. Also, what was 2 guys turned into 4. And the OP builds some have are just scary.

Will be running a division group Friday dark zone farming or survival either one for anyone interested. Start at 7 pm eastern

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I’ll be down for this. I probably won’t be on until later though.

Jump in whenever no problem. We’ll go steal another supply drop @Lala_Calamari @shortbus @ReaperMan10

As long as there are no Shape Shifting Lizard men!


I am down for this. Worked on re rolling alot of my gear today. Still got a bit of a way to go til I get to where I want to be.

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Nice stats grex

Just have to melt them like butter

So many electronics… Eek.
I think mine are like 2000

Yeah it’s my holster and gloves. Unfortunately I rerolled on that to get the armor stat. Gotta pray to the rng gods that a better one will drop for me.

I like electronics. I run a hybrid build on all mine except my shield build. I run enough electronics to unlock my talents and then my specialized backpack to boost my skill power even more. That way my fire turrets heals and pulses are stronger.

Yes got it Now for the ferro oxygen mask.

Only thing I have had drop for me is the Ninjabike Messenger Bag. I have been using it with my Banshee set, since it doesn’t seem to have any benefit outside of the DZ.

I got the ninja bag this morning running the dz with grex still need the mask and play survival to get the urban mdr

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