Data Heists and Search and Seizure

What are Warzone 2 Search & Seizure contracts?

Search and Seizure is a new contract coming to Warzone 2’s Ashika Island. The contract tasks players with reclaiming a stolen vehicle and getting it to a designated drop-off point.

The Warzone 2 vehicle you’ll have to reclaim will either be an SUV or a Patrol Boat. The Search & Seizure contract is expected to be a dangerous one, considering you’ll be going up against Shadow Company forces on Ashika Island.

Once you accept the contract, the destination of the vehicle will be revealed on your minimap. The vehicle will be guarded by enemy AI Shadow Company forces, and you’ll need to take them on as one of them has the key to the vehicle.

Once you have the key, your goal is to claim the vehicle and get it to the designated drop-off point. The Shadow Company will also target you as you move your way to the drop-off point. The contract will reward players with “Cash and other in-match rewards.”

Follow these steps to complete Warzone 2’s Search and Seizure contract on Ashika Island:

  1. Find and accept the Search and Seizure contract.
  2. Use your map to head to the approximate vehicle location.
  3. Take out Shadow Company forces near the vehicle until one of them drops a key.
  4. Use the key to claim the vehicle.
  5. Take the vehicle to the designated drop-off point.

What are Data Heists in Warzone 2?

Data Heists are public events that take place in every match on Ashika Island after the second circle. Once the gas starts to close in, three different uplink stations will go online around the map.

According to the Season 2 blog, squads are tasked with hacking into one of the stations to gather intel and must stand nearby while the download plays out to extract the information.

However, they will be met by swarms of Shadow Company AI trying to disrupt the heist. Dealing with these AI enemies will speed up the download and reduce the amount of time you need to spend out in the open defending the uplink station.

Rival players can also come and interfere by starting a gunfight, or by deploying a DDOS Field Upgrade that will temporarily halt the download. These locations are likely to be extremely competitive, so be prepared for a fight before daring to take on a Data Heist.

warzone 2 ashika island castle POI

Ashika Island is the first new map to drop in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Data Heist rewards

Completing the download at any one of the uplink stations gives players bonus XP, cash, and a “random piece of Tactical Equipment,” all of which can be extremely useful as you try and secure a victory in Resurgence.

Those brave enough to tackle more than one uplink station will be rewarded with even more cash and XP, as well as a random Killstreak. One of these could be an Advanced UAV, capable of revealing enemy positions in real-time and making it easy to plan your next move.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Data Heists won’t be on Ashika Island went it first launches, as the devs have confirmed they will be an “in-season” release. An exact date hasn’t been provided, but this usually means it will arrive in the mid-season update.

All in all, Warzone 2 Data Heists are an interesting new addition to the Resurgence formula and could lead to engaging fights once the mode returns in Season 2.