Day 1 Far Cry 5 Asshattery - Tuesday 27 March

For anyone else who is picking up the game tomorrow, I’ll be on most of the afternoon for those who want to co-op and see how GRG we can make this game. Should have it installed on the X by about 11 or so…


Definitely picking up for PS tomorrow. But it will be late tomorrow night before I can get on. Cant wait to try out co-op. This game is hopefully going to be a riot haha.

Downloaded and ready.

is the next GRG shiny new toy?

I have it downloaded on the X1 and I’m really looking forward to it. Co-op, I think, is only two player, but there’s a pretty fun looking 12v12 pvp and a really excellent looking map maker.

I just picked it up on the Xbox and installing now

I’ll be on after work.

Don’t know how this video is but shows some MP on a created arcade map