Day after Cat Herding

So, its the day after our eventful event of magical eventers where we run around trying to kill 1 guy who manages to survive a swarm of 6 of us while racing around rocks and going invisible. Having said this, we need to atleast get our lowbies at a better place.

What do I mean by this? We need to ‘git gud’. So I propose we run a few dungeons or whatever is needed to gear up. I do not know everyones builds but am more than willing to help throughout the week to help YOU get whatever set of gear you want from a dungeon. Were trying to go for full sets simply for the bonuses to avoid being so squishy.

Here are 2 websites where you can find armor sets in their different forms (light/medium/heavy) and another website to see where they are. If you have doubts ask me and we can find something thatll give you an optimum boost given your build.


I’m interested. Newby question. Low 20 tank I started last week I forgot to make aldmeri or whatever its called. Can I change that so I can run him in pvp? If so, how?

Factions are chosen when you create a new character. You could always make a new guy and ill take you some places to get levels quick.

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I will roll another tank. I just ran him on the Dolman run he actually has a matching set from running a dungeon last weekend. I will start another and pick the right faction this time. I need a matching set for my low level caster I started last week also. Not sure what my high 30s healer has.

From what I remember last night the reds were more organized than the previous outing. I was pretty frustrated by getting wiped over and over. I remember specifically the two reds across the bridge that wiped our group. One was a tanky warden that was line-of-sighting around the rocks. I absolutely hate players that do that shite.

Well having desoldier post on here reminded me that my caster has a matching set of armour that he made. Whoops. I just need one for my healer. I would like to run some dungeons this weekend.

My crafting is not that great but I know Ezekiel has almost everything. As long as we gather all the mats we can ask him to craft it. At lower levels its not much but itll give a tiny boost for survival in Cyro. Throw me a msg on xbox whenever youre up for some dungeons and ill hop on and grind until we get everything!

I have two crafters as well. Soldier has pretty much everything too.

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Not all that intersted in PvP, but feel free to shoot me a message if you need anything crafted. I’ve been working on some storyline missions.

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I do apologize to @h2daddy and @MrWhiskerBizkit. I know you guys are new to Cyrodiil. Herding the cats sort of got to me last night.

Also, I don’t mind losing fights. That’s going to happen in Cyrodiil, especially with our group of random builds. These fuckers gear out and spec out for low PvP. Losing fights isn’t bad if we’re actually fighting correctly. I stress over and over that we need to stick together and I mean it. We really need to fight on top of each other. Mainly so @ixL0N3W0LFxi can heal us. When we squirrel off, we get out of range of heals. We’ll lose fights with how squishy we are.

We also need to listen better. That bridge fight was just bad news. The one guy was geared up and we had no chance to kill him. I didn’t want to hang at that bridge for his buddies to show up and wipe us. I called to leave him and most of us did but what killed us is waiting on everyone.

As far as learning the map, I wouldn’t stress that. I don’t even know the names. Just watch the map when we port or respawn somewhere. You’ll see the white ^ symbols (or crown) and port there.

Things we need to work on.

  • Rally faster. Port to a location. Meet at the front door ASAP.
  • Stick together. When going to a location. When fighting. When sieging.
  • Deploying siege. We’re a small group, learn to deploy more than 1 siege and rotate during cooldown.
  • Leader needs to stop being a dick.
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