DayZ on Xbox - Are you interested?

DayZ releases next week on Xbox One through the preview program. It is a zombie survival game that is more focused on surviving the elements, hunger, thirst, and other humans than zombies themselves.

You will die. You will die a lot. You also will walk and run more than you have in any game before. Why you ask? For that one rare encounter of another player. Friendly? Bandits? Who knows!

It also can be a bit boring at times. Making your own fun is all part of it. So below are just a few polls so we can see if there is any interest in grouping up in DayZ on XBox. Surviving as a group is easier and as a group we should be able to have a little fun at the expense of little Timmy.

Bleach cocktails anyone?

Are you getting DayZ on Xbox?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Waiting on reviews from GRG

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My gaming time is…

  • Eastern
  • Central
  • Pacific
  • I live in Arizona
  • Other (Sorry I can’t list them all)

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I plan to…

  • Be a good survivor
  • Bandit

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GRG hosted nights?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Cake?

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  • Yes
  • Yes!
  • Yes!!!
  • No (Edited by HR to add this option. GRG can not force ERP on you. Please report as needed)

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Probably going to get this. How would you compare this to 7 days?

The survival aspects are the same. Gotta eat,drink, heal yourself. All that stuff. The zombies do not compare. No hordes in DayZ. Zombies animations and AI aren’t great. While the zombies can be a pain in the ass they really are just kinda there and suck.

DayZ is all about the PVP. It gives me that tense feeling like PUBG. You spend tons of time trying to survive and find weapons just so you are ready for those interactions. Without these interactions the game is boring AF for most people.

Edited to add: DayZ is also based of a military sim. So it’s “realistic”. No voxel building or anything like that.

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Here is a first impression from a pc player. He is playing it on the One S and is impressed with quality and FPS.

Who in the hell allowed any other time zone besides Eastern? That is the only approved time zone of GRG.


At a preview price I’ll give it a shot.

He means for free.

More then Running simulator…I mean PUBG?

I think so - since on DayZ there is nowhere specific to go… so you just end up wandering aimlessly.

A handful of PUBG maps can fit inside DayZ so yea. Way more. We will spend more time trying to find each other than we will doing anything else.

Is there a link for the preview? Is it $0 cost? Or what has become standard preview costs? I’d be interested, but it seems if I get on it’ll be lonely as best coast hours are later and you ninjers are already sleeping.

No idea on cost.

Says I have to redeem a code.

So much work…

I think you have to wait until Wed 29 August when it becomes available…

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$39.99. Just to point out that is $5 more than PC.

After seeing some clips on my dashboard of zombies being frozen, clipped through, etc I am waiting before I purchase. I was really hoping it was gonna be cheaper.

No free, no for me…

Well it never was gonna be free.


Saw a gameplay video of a guy who was facing another person through a doorway, fired a full mag of his pistol and never hit once. There was no way he missed as the guy’s chest took up the entire screen.

Need to see what shape it is when they release it.

Yea. I am still interested but I can wait.