DC Universe Online...Yes Really!

Yep so… this is the desperation level I am at waiting for Black Ops 3. Wanting to play with other people and not just soloing in AC or Mad Max. Figured I would give this a shot over the next couple of days. It’s F2P so if anyone want to join in feel free (I won’t hold my breath LOL)

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i played it for a little bit… even tho its F2P you do kinda hit a paywall. you bank will only hold $1500 i think, and all the good loot cost more than that… but its fun till you get there.

people say warframe is a lot of fun, i never tried it.

I could never get into warframe. It was too confusing then they reformatted it to make it easier to learn to play but i didnt care for it. After xatching up on Gotham and trying to catch up on the Flash i felt like having super powers. I heard once you get to 30 its either buy the dlc, buy a monthly sub, or start a new character rinse and repear