Dead Island 2: All six slayers revealed.

Dead Island 2’s, now earlier, release date of April 21st is slowly inching closer by the day, and in anticipation of the game’s appearance on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Dambuster has been dropping introductory videos on the six playable Slayers. We’ve rounded them up and dropped them below for you to check out before the game attempts to join some of the best Xbox zombie games, so without further ado, let’s see the motley crew accompanying us through Hell-A.


Former Paralympian Amy is quick and nimble, using the shambling corpses as a fun puzzle to navigate both physically and mentally. You’ll find that Amy is a character that focuses heavily on high mobility, with a calm and collected personality to go along with her parkour exploits. By using her Relief Pitcher skill, Amy is able to regain her stamina when hitting zombies with thrown weapons, so it might be a good idea to have a few spares on you. Her Divide & Conquer skill offers a minor damage boost when attacking zombies isolated from other biters.


Before the dead decided to start eating the flesh off of everything and anything they could, Bruno was an LA street kid who made a living pulling heists on high-profile scammers. He seems to be akin to your archetypical rogue, so pretty handy with wielding knives and escaping tight situations. Bruno’s innate skills via Dead Island 2’s Skill Card system include Backstab for earning a moderate damage boost when attacking zombies from behind, and Rapid Reprisal, an ability that boosts his heavy attack and agility charges when successfully dodging and blocking.


If surviving the infected hordes comes down to pure style, Carla seems like she could be the ultimate survivor— and one that really enjoys Hell-A just how it is. She was a motorcycle stunt rider before the fall of civilisation and now gets her kicks from dicing with the decomposing maws of death attempting to bite a chunk out of her. Carla seems like a fairly tanky Slayer, thanks to her Dig Deep skill which gives a boost to her toughness when at critical health, and the slight damage boost she receives from Mosh Pit when in the thick of multiple zombies.


Dani was once a mosh-pitting rockabilly from County Cork, Ireland, before heading to LA and falling in love with the relaxing pastime of roller derby. Now that the streets have well and truly become Hell-A, Dani uses the skills she developed during her derby days to become a brawler of sorts, shouting obscenities and crude jokes as she tears through the undead hordes. Dani uses the Bloodlust skill to regenerate health when slaying zombies one after another, and Thunderstruck, which creates an explosion when heavy attacking.


Stockbroker-turned-antihero, Jacob brings a bit of rockstar flair to the Slayer lineup. Rocking a bit of Brixton charm and a reckless side that always seems to put him in harm’s way — or arm’s reach of zombies — Jacob excels at slaughtering zombies now that they’ve ruined his plans to become a Hollywood stuntman. Equipped with numerous Shakespearian quotes, Jacob uses his Feral skill as a stackable damage boost when attacking zombies in quick succession, and the Critical Gains skill for a critical damage boost that regains stamina with every critical hit.


While Ryan strolls around Hell-A in full firefighter garb, he wasn’t actually part of the emergency services before the dead decided to ruin everything. No, Ryan was a dancer… an exotic one, but a dancer, nonetheless. Having built his body to offer a performative service to paying clients, Ryan now uses his bulk to swat the walking meatbags out of the way as he attempts to find his little brother. Stubborn, armed with pessimistic sarcasm, and filled with an unwavering drive to accomplish his mission, Ryan is an unstoppable tank. Using his Retaliation skill, Ryan gains a boost to his force boost when blocking and dodging flailing zombie arms, and the Seesaw skill pumps up his health when knocking a biter on its backside.

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