Dead Island’s Definitive Collection Gets a New Trailer

If you missed out on or just need a good reason to revisit Deep Silver’s survival horror title Dead Island, you’ll want to see this.

They’ve prepared Dead Island Definitive Collection, which brings the 2011 hit to the new generation of home consoles, “fully remastered and greatly improved”. The bundle will include remastered versions of the core Dead Island, as well as Dead Island: Riptide and Dead Island Retro Revenge for good measure. The titles included in the compilation will be available separately presumably digitally on the same day as the Definitive Collection, but the latter will see a boxed release.

That release date, by the way, is May 31st

Did someone say dying light? Lolz

I know, dying light shit all over this game.

It’s sad that the other studio destroyed dead island 2 and they had to resort to this seeing as dying light is already out. Fingers crossed for a dead rising 1,2, and off the record remastered collection (since Microsoft bought the rights to DR3)

Why…The first Dead Island was fun, Riptide no, Dying light definetly not. I thought the real Dead Island 2 was supposed to be in development?

It was, it was canceled and the studio was closed