Designated Survivor

Anyone planning on watching this (though I likely will on Hulu the next day). Looks awesome.

Good review in the LA Times

Already have the season pass set up on my DVR. Hearing a lot of great buzz about it from critics, and Kiefer as the lead means I’ll be watching day one.

Just makes me want to see Jack Bauer though…

Yeah, but it may be fun seeing how someone who seems really mild mannered at first starts to display the toughness that a Jack Bauer has. Let’s face it, we’re not going to see mild mannered Kiefer forever. You can start to see a shift even in the trailer.

The downside is that this looks really good, so I’d anticipate any return of Jack to 24 may be on hold indefinitely.

Nope. The previews aren’t doing it for me. Since I barely watch TV this isn’t making it into my back log with out hearing from you guys first.

So weird. I just started this audio book like a week ago. Very similar plot, down to the president elect being fired that morning.

Done with that story. It got too hokey towards the end.

And yes, I’m looking forward to this show. I’ll be watching.

I really enjoyed the show, but it will be interesting to see how things change up to keep it from dragging out. I would think that the premise would need to give way to something else because they can’t sustain multiple seasons on the idea he was the designated survivor.

Just watched it and I also enjoyed it. Lucky it wasn’t Jack Bauer thrust into being President. Not only would he of bombed those Iranian destroyers but he would of waterboarded the Ambassador in the Oval Office.

He probably would have waterboarded the general as well…which is deserved.

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I’m caught up on the show, and really enjoy it. Also, Kiefer let out a “dammit” in ep 2. As a big 24 fan, this made me very happy.

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Catching up on this show with 1 to go right now. This is the show to watch over the new 24.

Yeah, it’s pretty good. Rumor has it he’s really Jack Bauer in hiding. He never meant to become president.

Kiefer totally had a brief Jack Bauer moment in the recent episode.

They ruined this show. They turned it into a West Wing 2. Such a shame.

Yeah I am an episode behind but it is becoming more and more The West Wing.

Just finished episode 4 of Season 2. I’m out. Done with this show.

Well said from a review of the Outbreak episode a few weeks ago.

That leaves the trail of Patrick Lloyd, which still makes no sense. He trashes the First Lady’s mother’s house to plant a file? He then (presumably) booby-traps a door in a storage facility to maybe blow up the two agents on his trail, even though it seems as though he wants them to follow these bread crumbs? And then maybe he kills the only remaining witness (though this might be someone else)?

Recent episode was way more West Wing and hardly any action. I will still watch this show with my wife but they really went in the other direction with this show. They went from our country under attack and the mystery around it to worrying about Presidential policies. They barely touch on the Capitol investigation anymore.

I was watching an episode with the Mrs the other night, and I’m horribly behind BTW, but I see exactly what you mean. The investigation was about 5 minutes of background story, and really only there to somehow setup another plot point that wasn’t all that related to anything.