Greetings old friends,
During these strange days have been quite bored, with no interesting games to keep my interest. Have been stuck on some old MMO that came out like 6 years ago. Gave up COD a while back but do miss grenade launchers, flash bangs, & bagging team mates on Hardcore. If new game any good may pick up to get back to screaming on headsets. Feel free to send me nudes.


Well you know we ain’t going anywhere. Not like we have real lives or anything.

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I can’t believe you’re not playing this one. You can flash and kill teamates all night without getting kicked. Unfortunately for you Azalin is gone and Gr8one doesn’t play. Those times were hilarious.

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The current game does look good but it’s near the time where annual “new” repetitive, copy & paste, COD starts ripping players off for new year starts. I checked anyways it 's full price, not getting bent over and rammed for few remaining months.

I always play w Azalin, i’ll get him back over here, it will be great.