Destiny 1 Vault of Glass Friday 3-29-19

Anyone interested in running VoG this Friday night? Maybe around 9pm est?

@destinyplayers, Xbox.

Interested but not sure if I will be online or not yet.

Hopefully we can get a raid going. Would be fun.

@destinyplayers anyone interested? We can run any of the D1 raids. Good chance for anyone who never ran them before.

I need to go dust off the d1 stuff one of these days…but i actually have disc for the one…and i don’t even know where it is

Finally got my TB hardrive hooked up so I’m redownloading D1 again hopefully it’ll be ready by the time raid is up tonight

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I did not think if that. I don’t know if I downloaded it or had a disc. Will have to check. Still a maybe tonight though.

I’ll be on around 9 and will open a party. If interested jump into my party.

Having issues launching the game, hard resetting Xbox.

Finally got it working. Had to move from external drive to internal.