Destiny 2.0 - popular weapons getting nerfed

due to formatting im not copy and pasting.

That had to happen. There is no way the gjallarhorn should still be the top weapon of the game. This is part of what killed the game for me.

that fucking thorn was the worst.

The thorn was way too overpowered in PvP. Either you used the Thorn or you were wrong. For a game that had a shit ton of weapons, it really came down to a select few.

1/3 reduction. that is a huge massive nerf. wow. just goes to show how op that was.

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yeah read that. the DOT is what mostly bothered me cause either i would get the kill and then have teh DOT kill me afterwards when i still had significant health left and just watch it disappear or move behind cover only for the DOT to kill me.

Sad times re: Black Hammer. RIP.

Happy to hear about Thorn. The changes to Icebreaker don’t bother me, it’s still a good tool to have around. Glad the auto riles are getting buffed, specially in pve.

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I don’t understand why Bungie’s solution to the OP guns is to basically make everything worse, instead of just bringing the other exotics (i.e. Suros) up in strength.

I don’t think they fully understand what they want. It’s pretty clear they can’t figure out weapons. The fact that the Gjallarhorn is still the main weapon amazes me.

So, they’ll nerf these guns and a new set of overpowered guns will emerge. Rinse and Repeat.