Destiny 2 Argos killing 6/2 (XB1) (Potatoes welcome)

This is your sign up for this weeks official GRG xb1 run of the raid please let us know your interest @destinyplayers as this allows us the get leadership in place based on interest. Speaking of which, if Calus or spire is a preference…please let us know that here as well.

(9 show up and bs - 9:30pm saturday start)

as far as I know im home this weekend so count me in for whatever we decide.

I’m out for Saturday, but I can make time for runs any other day.

I’m in…don’t care which one we do


i feel the love bra

Just an FYI, the equip function on the D2 companion app is fixed and worked again…finally

thank you gad… I have been so pissed that feature was gone.

I am out for Saturday. I will be on Friday night with the intention of running EOW.

My goal is to be on both nights (Friday and Saturday)

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Hopefully @ixL0N3W0LFxi can run run shit tonight…I have an emergency bar run tonight (need to drown some personal/work shit) May be on later…prolly not tho

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Just saw this, i’m just getting home, if anyone is looking to raid tonight you can join on me and we can get a room going. I promise spectacular disappointment, but a good time.

I’ve been asleep all day and most of the night. In a lot of physical pain. Blood vessel appears to have busted in my neck (I think Friday morning)… a lot of bruising and tenderness… been eating benedryl and sleeping on ice packs trying to keep the swelling down.

I’ve never dealt with anything like this before. Hoping I don’t end up at the doctor or worse.

sorry for the Crazy Saturday…I know there were a few of us that run Friday and Sunday…My apologies for letting my life get in the way of gaming…I’ll do better in the future