Destiny 2 Beta Code Giveaway (Destiny Discord server)

The Destiny (subreddit) discord server is currently giving away Destiny 2 beta codes.
These are platform agnostic codes.

Follow this link to join the Destiny discord server first.
Then look for the #beta-code channel.

They are dropping them in batches of 10, every 30 minutes.
They have 100 codes and so far 40 have been dropped.

So, the last batch should be at 8PM BST (3PM Eastern).

Just follow the steps below, I would suggest doing the first step in preparation.

  1. Go to and log in with either your PS4 or Xbox account.

  2. Then redeem the 9 digit code and click Enter.

  3. Next go here and then choose your platform. You will then be given a code to redeem on your chosen console

Another 100 Beta codes are going to be dropped shortly.


Am I the only one not fired up about the beta? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get Destiny 2 and want to play it, but the beta for Destiny was just the first mission, and it really made the start of the game drag for me on release. I’m not sure I want to jump into the beta in case they did the same thing.

I never refuse an Open Beta, always worth reassuring yourself they haven’t screwed up the game before you purchase it.

I’m not exactly fired up, but I will play some Crucible just to get a feel for it.

This Beta has the first mission, one Strike, two crucible maps/modes and the social space will be available on Sunday for a limited time.

I have rarely if ever been excited or even played a beta of a game.

I became that way after the BF4 beta. Now if I do play them it’s for about 20 minutes. Especially if it’s a shooter game on 1 map/level.

Youre the only one you old curmudgeon! :slight_smile:

Edit: ok you’re not the only old curmudgeon. GET OFF OUR LAWN!

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