Destiny 2: Bungie Promises Answers to Random Rolls, Weapon Slots


So the ink is still wet on the reviews of the this massive update (1.1.4) and we get this…

The March update for Destiny 2 is now out, which made adjustments to weapons, player’s movement speed, ability charge rates and more. However, not in this latest update are two things fans keep talking about: random weapon rolls and the return of Destiny 1’s Primary/Special/Heavy weapon slots. But in their absence, Bungie says that those are near the top of the developer’s priority list.

On Reddit, Destiny 2 game director Chris Barrett responded to users asking about random weapon rolls and weapon slots. He said that Bungie is very aware of the feedback and that the studio will be talking about them soon:

I promise I’ll have definitive answers for your other two questions soon. Both the “random rolls” topic and weapon slots are extremely high on our priority list. We absolutely owe players answers to those.

Bungie has been much more communicative lately, continuing to ask for feedback from players and trying to be more vocal about what is coming in the future. Fans may be disappointed that Barrett did not give an actual time frame of when Bungie will be answering those particular concerns for fans, but at least he acknowledged that those are very much in the conversation for the developers.

It’s hard to say when, or even if, either of those features will make their way to Destiny 2, considering that the game was built around fixed weapon rolls and the new Kinetic/Energy/Power weapon slots. It’s also extremely unlikely that any of that would change in time for Destiny 2’s second DLC coming in May considering that those features are nowhere to be seen on the game’s roadmap for the near future.

There’s a possibility that such a dramatic change could occur in the fall in a major expansion for Destiny 2, which many fans are hoping will be the sequel’s version of Destiny 1’s The Taken King, (many are calling it The Taken Queen) as it made incredibly positive changes for the original game. For now, fans will have to wait until Bungie is ready to finally address those major points of feedback.


Yea, all that. But I wonder if they will ever bring back random weapon rolls and change the weapon slots back to the way it used to be.

I was not playing Destiny 1 in year 1 so i don’t know this for sure…but i thought random rolls were added to that game during it 3-year life cycle… but before TTK…so they could do it with the taken queen as it is being called right?

I think I’m the only player that hated random weapon rolls. It screams of no content when they have to randomize what little they have.

Besides, why do I have to pray to the Bungie gods for a God roll Gjallerhorn? Shouldn’t the weapon be the damn weapon???

I think you are saying make good weapons…and we don’t need random rolls to “manufacture” content. While I agree, the issue remains…how do we get more end-game grind/content that we cannot blow though in 2 weeks a gamplay?

FYI Gjallerhorn is an exotic and all Exotics had static rolls in D1…it was really only legendaries that were random…did they randomize the blues and greens? I think i got a top tier weapon only once (that i did not get from a vendor) and it was so cool…it felt like I earned something really awesome and my “work” paid off. I don’t think it has to be random rolls but something that goes to that grindy/cool/rare feeling.

3 of us played the nightfall last night and none of us got any of the nightfall loot…that is a step in the right direction. (there is a ship, a ghost, and this new sniper with snapshot)