Destiny 2 Crimson Days

I know many of you have fallen out of love with D2. This special event goes from next Tuesday to the following Monday. I know @destroyer T-1 @Sniper_T1 @GRG_Jackal and @insanechaos00 still play some. The special 2v2 mode is fun and fast paced and has some cool loot. Give it a shot…or not, but some of us will have chocolate ghosts and will not share with the h8rs. @DestinyPlayers

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I think @Johneffinggalt still plays as well.

Yep. Still play. Haven’t played much of late due to my Mom passing a few weeks ago and utter chaos at work. I’ll be on for this event tho so hit me up.

I will have fun with it until its not fun

I will try it. If it turns into a ass beating like the Trials I will go back to 4v4.

This starts today if anyone wants to join up to get some cool loot. @DestinyPlayers

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I plan to be there…the mode is little different than last time and maybe more fun…if you stray away from your teammate…you show your exact location on ENEMY radar. This should make us better teams as we should not be running around like roaches in a spotlight anyway, Right @Rigonn ?

Lol yep. I will be jumping in for some pvp no doubt! Ill be throwing yall invites. Playing OW today but ill jump in Destiny tonight for some pvp for sure!

@Sniper_T1 once youre on throw me an invite for sure, cant wait to hit that 2v2.

What time? I’m on the west coast and can join around 10-11pm est.



Ill be playing at/by 915 @Zigography i will add you to FL…update we are friends and in a clan together…see ya tonight

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for those that like red and would rather game than get laid on valentines day

over the course of the night we had 7 people playing for Crimson engrams. @ixL0N3W0LFxi and @Rigonn played the 2v2 and we did win alot and that’s always fun. For a night was show up and have fun…great showing…@glacier24 @Zigography @Mowerguy90 also showed up thanks for joining the party…I know @destroyer and @Sniper_T1 were on but didn’t chat …Tonight is 50/50 But i plan to try to get most of the loot this week for anyone else looking to join


Ill be jumping on some 2v2 throughout the week. Its actually alot of fun. Deff worth giving it a look.!

I really had fun while I was able to stay connected. @valiantvictory might actually be able to get my interest back in Destiny a little.

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