Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris PS4

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Curse of Osiris hits today. Some will download it right away, some will wait to see reviews. Me? I purchased the Legendary Edition of Destiny 2, so I already have it.

Unfortunately I am traveling this week, and my gaming time may be limited as a result. But, I am bringing @Xxbrimarieloaded 's PS4 with me, and her and I will be playing when we can.

Who is planning to play some Destiny 2 this week? Does anyone want to plan a group session on either Friday, or Saturday this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Throughout the week, If I see anyone on, I will invite you to a party. In fact, if anyone sees any other GRG member on, please spam invites and no matter what, Don’t Game Alone.

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I already caved and bought it.

Probably can’t do Friday but I’ll be around otherwise and maybe up late enough to see you guys even if I’m doing something in the evening.

I’m downloading now. But, I won’t have much time to play until Sunday. I’ll look for others on when I’m playing