Destiny 2 Dev Shares History Behind Spicy Ramen Coupon

With the expansion Beyond Light now only 10 days away from launch, fans have begun preparing for the many changes set to arrive to Destiny 2 . One of the bigger changes coming to the game is the Destiny Content Vault, a feature Bungie is using to remove legacy and outdated content from the game. The studio has managed to tie the disappearing content into the expansions narrative, though it also means that a big list of currencies, items, and quests are also leaving the game. One such item in particular has led the creator to reminisce and provide a behind the scenes look at its development.

Following the launch of the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 back in 2018, players were able to finish a quest for Cayde-6 which ultimately granted them an expired Spicy Ramen Coupon. The quest took players to the Ramen shop in the Bazaar of the Tower where they could interact with the shop to earn the expired coupon with a good amount of story attached to it. While the coupon was largely a sentimental item to remember the fan favorite character, many players kept the coupon in their inventory in the hopes that someday it would lead to something bigger.

Unfortunately for those holding out hope, the expired coupon is one of the items getting removed from player’s inventories when Destiny 2: Beyond Light arrives. Jonathan Chan, former Bungie developer, and the person responsible for adding the Ramen Coupon into the game saw the news and decided to provide a bit more context on the item. Ultimately, the lore is intended to read like a Yelp review and remains the only in-universe reference to pork. At the time, it was also the only in-universe use of Spanish with the word “muy caliente” used to describe the food.

For those wondering why the coupon is expired is due to the fact that Cayde dies in the expansion and even though he says he’ll be good for giving the reader glimmer to try the chicken, even though he’ll never be good for it. In addition, Bungie foreshadows Cayde not actually returning at all by the note being signed Cayde-6, not 7, a reference to Exo characters being able to be restored with an added number to their name.

Interestingly enough, Chan intended to do more with the expired coupon, a fact that justifies the decision by many players to hold on to the item. Unfortunately, Chan admitted that in the following season, he was unable to do more design work and wasn’t able to tie the coupon back in to the Cayde Scavenger Hunt items. In addition, a bug, not Bungie, allowed players to earn more than 1 ticket at a time.

While many players will likely enjoyed the freed up inventory space, there will no doubt be some that will miss these more sentimental items. However, inventory space isn’t the only place being improved as the vault space is another area where players can rid themselves of old content. The upcoming transmog system, which lets players change the look of their armor, is going to be collections based and won’t require the player to have the armor pieces stored in their vault.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, and the Beyond Light expansion will release November 10. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are currently in development.