Destiny 2: Everything Players Must Do Before Season 6 Ends

In just a few weeks, the current Season of the Drifter will come to an end in Destiny 2 , and the seventh season, Season of Opulence will begin. As the June 4th start date of Season 7 draws closer, players will want to be sure to get some specific things done before that happens.

Some players may feel the extra motivation to go into Season 7 fully prepared considering the fact that the game’s next raid, Crown of Sorrow, will release the same day as the new season. Anyone looking to chase the World’s First title for the new raid will need to be fully prepared considering the limited time to level up for the endgame PvE activity.

Get Outbreak Perfected and Its catalyst

Destiny 2 players were surprised by a new exotic quest and dungeon-like mission for the Outbreak Perfected, a Destiny 2 version of Destiny 1 ‘s Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle. As players have gotten their hands on the weapon, it is clear that it is one of the strongest weapons in the game and, hands down, the most powerful kinetic primary-type weapon.

And that is before anyone has been able to get the catalyst for the weapon, which further increases the amount of damage the exotic’s SIVA nanites can do to targets. Outbreak Perfected could very well be one of the best weapons to take into the new raid, so players should focus on getting this before the end of Season of the Drifter. To do so, players get Outbreak Perfected by completing the quest and its final Zero Hour mission, while the catalyst is earned by completing the Heroic version of Zero Hour.

Players can further speed up their progress on the weapon’s catalyst by completing the secret puzzles located in the Zero Hour mission. Each week there is a different element and configuration necessary to solve the puzzle, and completing all three and finishing the mission should generate enough particulates for the catalyst. Those who don’t want to complete the puzzle, though, can unlock the catalyst in about 5 weeks just by finishing the Heroic Zero Hour mission.

Play Iron Banner

The last Iron Banner of Season of the Drifter will run from May 14th to May 21st. The Iron Banner armor sets reset each season, so any players hoping to get a full collection of the current Iron Symmachy sets will have this last week to do so. In addition to this usual armor changeover, the Season of the Drifter introduced the Iron Burden debuff, challenging players to compete in the limited-time PvP event at a Power disadvantage.

A Triumph for this season tasks players with getting 500 kills with the Iron Burden debuff active and doing so rewards players with an exclusive emblem (pictured below). That Triumph and emblem can only be earned during Season 6 and this last Iron Banner will be the last chance for players to do so.

Finish Pinnacle Weapon quests

Virtually all of Destiny 2 ‘s quests for pinnacle weapons, like this season’s Crucible pinnacle weapon, The Recluse, have at least one part of their quest that requires reaching a certain rank in the weapon’s associated playlist. Any players who have made progress in Glory, Infamy, or Nightfall completions will want to at least wrap up through that step because reputation progress will reset at the start of Season of Opulence.

Note that overall progress toward pinnacle weapons does not reset and players can still pick up the quest for past seasons’ pinnacle weapons like Luna’s Howl or Mountaintop. Either way, it is a good goal to set to collect all the pinnacle weapons for this season before more are likely to be added to the game in Season 7.

Complete Season 6 Bounties and Triumphs

Powerful bounties in Season of the Drifter will be locked to a 700 Power level cap to keep players from hoarding them and leveling up quickly in Season 7, so while players can carry them across seasons, they will be best utilized if they can be completed before the end of the season. Similarly, there are season-specific Triumphs, so players who are motivated to 100% their Triumphs will need to be sure to complete those before Season of Opulence.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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