Destiny 2 - Exotic Catalysts

I figure we should compile some information on how to get these and where.

So it looks like the catalysts are found in 4 different ways, those being killing strike bosses, finishing the raid, winning in the crucible, and killing any pve opponent.

The ones found by killing strike bosses are:

  • Coldheart

  • Merciless

  • Wardcliff Coil

  • Riskrunner

  • Prometheus Lens

  • Huckleberry

The ones found by winning in the crucible are:

  • Vigilance Wing

  • The Colony

  • Jade Rabbit

The ones for killing enemies of humanity are:

  • Tractor Cannon

  • D.A.R.C.I.

  • Crimson

  • Borealis

And there’s only one found by “currying the emperor’s favor” which I can only assume is completing the raid. That gun is Skyburner’s Oath

By pledging to the defenders of Earth (New Monarchy)

  • Sweet Business

By pledging to the followers of War (FWC)

  • Sunshot

By pledging to the seekers of exodus (Dead Orbit)

  • Graviton Lance

Unknown: The ones we don’t know yet

  • Suros Regime

  • Rat King

  • Sturm

  • Hard Light

  • Fighting Lion

  • Prospector

  • Legend of Acrius

  • Telesto

  • Sleeper Simulant

  • World Line Zero (kills on Mars with the sword?)

  • Black Spindle (presumably story mission related, as was the original?)

  • MIDA Multi-Tool (Competitive playlist? TotN?)


World line zero has a catalyst too. The description is just “???”.

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A few have got it.
Supposedly they were just killing regular enemies on Mars, with the sword itself?
Nothing definitive yet though.

Additionally the black spindle catalyst exists but we don’t know how to get either

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And now Mida has a catalyst. “the most determined competitors in the Crucible.” Competitive crucible drop?

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…Black Spindle?

the data mine shows the catalyst in the game but not the weapon ATM…may be time gated…may be for future…but that is what we know…maybe i will find reddit post