Destiny 2 First Expansion Revealed

Bungie has revealed “Curse of Osiris” as the first expansion for Destiny 2. “Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris”, to give the DLC its full name, will take place after the events of the main game’s campaign.

Ikora Rey tasks the guardians with investigating an opened portal on Mercury, which signals the arrival of the vanguard named Osiris. While Osiris was once an ally, he was banished for endangering the guardians and his current allegiance is unknown. As fellow guardians may have predicted upon hearing that a portal is involved, the DLC features Vex as the primary enemy of the expansion.

As well as the new story that comes with new characters and a new destination, Mercury’s Infinite Forest, there will be new missions, strikes, “raid content”, free roam activities, a world quest, and a new social space (the Lighthouse).


The Destiny 2 expansion “Curse of Osiris” releases on December 5th for Xbox One.


FFS, rinse and repeat. Fucking hell destiny, bring some new enemies and new areas.

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I bet Tess Everis will have some sunscreen in her store.