Destiny 2 gets an Annual Pass, here’s what’s included

I did a terrible job explaining this on the reapercast Reapercast 91 - Destiny Forsaken DLC Preview (listen and laugh, especially after you read how this article describes it) @destinyplayers
Feel free to beat me up, I deserve it…after all a fanboi is gonna fan

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  • Black Armory, winter 2018
  • Joker’s Wild, spring 2019
  • Penumbra, summer 2019

Those additions will include new endgame challenges; new weapons, armor and vanity items to collect; new and returning exotics; new pinnacle activities; new Triumph Records to collect; and new in-game lore to discover, according to Bungie.

I had this info in my notes but in all fairness there isn’t much info on what these events really are. Other than the names. I probably didn’t read the Grimoire card.

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“We’re leaning harder into the things that keep you coming back to the game week over week, month over month,” Dague said, adding that for Annual Pass content, Bungie is prioritizing activities, challenges and things to earn and collect over new cutscenes or cinematics."

I was focused on this part…

I don’t like paying for gear.
I don’t mind paying for activities/content (i.e. stuff to do).

Will wait and see what the first one contains.

Last freaking time we use you as a Destiny source of info on the cast…


promises promises


So no more new story line / pve content?

I know the story wasn’t very good in Destiny 2 but I really don’t see myself paying for more dlc that doesn’t have any of that.

the discussion is the season pass. forsaken and the yr 3 expansion will definitely have story…I can see both sides and respect those that say just gimme the “story” expansion and that’s it

I figure this is their answer to those die-hard fans who complete all the DLC content within two weeks of it launching and want more activities/gear.

I guess it’s easier to design that than more story/raid/bigger content and so they hope to keep those type of players engaged and happy.

Anyone who isn’t that bothered can just wait for the next DLC instead.
Honestly I think it’s a decent way of catering to both crowds (albeit at greater expense of the hardcore fans), we’ll have to wait and see if it works out or not.

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