Destiny 2: Iron Banner

Join the Grim Reaper Gamers as we venture into the Iron Banner. Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we’re all out of bubble gum. Let’s get multiple squads of GRG’s Finest Potatoes together to get some wins and some sweet Iron Banner Loot. We’ll be running groups all week long!

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This armor looks much better than the initial shadowkeep rags.

This will be my main focus all week long. Join on me in or let me know here if you’re interested. My backpack is HUUUGE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!!


Geez…I was gonna wait for the reset/patch notes…but yup we be playing the IB 2-3 groups fo sho…if you want a sweaty team where you will get yelled at…join @Lala_Calamari 's team …or you can have more fun losing that you ever thought possible, join my team


That’s not true. I only suggest you get better…

FYI, I don’t yell. Valiant’s being racist towards Grumpkins.

Are they ornaments we can apply to any armor?

of course not…it looks like there are ornament sets…for example all eververse seems to apply to most armor…but IB ornaments only apply to IB armor…still figuring this out

If my internet hold up I’m in

O I guess if I am in a group I’ll suffer it with y’all, I dont mind being on @Lala_Calamari team it’s fun

I’ll have a group…tryouts will be an hour before the community night kick off. Sign up below. (Don’t actually sign up)

I should be around throughout the week.