Destiny 2: KALLI GUIDE! - Last Wish Raid | Forsaken

Raiders please watch…
Cliff notes:

  1. Symbols S, U/W and 8 (infinity symbol)

  2. 6 plates (6 raiders)

  3. 1/3 plate safe 2/3 unsafe (black orbs)

  4. Kill Knight (symbols disappear)

  5. DPS Kalli until she raises hands (wipe mechanic)

  6. go into hidey hole/door closes/wipe mechanic/DPS/repeat until…(3 mini phases all doors used up)

  7. goto 1 and repeat…plate/knight/DPS

  8. Rinse-repeat as needed

  9. Get chest-dance


Spam weapon (Pulse or auto or the like) , IKELOS shotgun, Sleeper (maybe whisper but based on this she moves around a bit)

For those that have actually done it (not me I just watch videos) lemme know if i missed anything or any tips tricks you have learned