Destiny 2 Making Big Changes to Clans Next Season

While Destiny 2: Forsaken brought a lot of great changes to the game, one of the most controversial changes to some was the rework for the Clan XP system. While the original version of Clan XP allowed players to contribute while completing any activity, the current system limits Clan XP to bounties given by Hawthorne, which force participation in specific activities. Luckily, players can expect the Clan XP system to change back to the way things were when Season of the Drifter kicks off.

Overall, the new Clan XP system will be very familiar to those who played Destiny 2 at launch, as XP will once again unlock through any activity. Clan Bounties as players currently know them will be retired at the end of Season of the Forge, and will be replaced by a new Clan Bounty system that rewards players who play with clanmates.

There will be three weekly bounties for players to take down for legendary gear and a ton of Clan XP. There will be one bounty for PvE, one for PvP, and one for the Raids. While Bungie did not give any examples of what the bounties could be, they will likely encompass the heart of each of the activities – save for the Raid bounties which may be the same as they are now.

The current Clan XP reward system will be replaced as well. Once a Clan reaches rank three, Clan bounties will reward mod components. Rank four will let players earn enhancement cores when completing the Clan bounties. And when a Clan reaches rank six, all clan members will gain access to a fourth weekly bounty per week. Rank five also rewards a special new bonus when playing with Clanmates: increased exotic catalyst drop rates. Returning Year One exotic catalysts will also become available once again during Season of the Drifter for players to chase.

While Season of the Drifter focuses on Gambit and The Drifter, there will be plenty for players to chase once the new season starts. Destiny veterans will be anxiously counting the days until they can track down the beloved Thorn exotic hand cannon, but they will have to settle for The Last Word until Joker’s Wild officially launches. (Currently slated for “spring” …maybe March?)


Me being in the Clan is reward enough for you fuckers.

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