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Explore the European Dead Zone in Destiny 2

Bungie has released an official trailer highlighting the European Dead Zone in Destiny 2. The video explores various zones around the EDZ, which look to feature a variety of geography and features, such as open landscapes, vast caves, and fields of laser mines and explosive barrels. Veteran players may equate the EDZ to the Cosmodrome or other open exploration zones from the original Destiny, which appears to have free-roam and campaign related significance.

It also appears that instead of focusing on interactions solely with other guardians, player will co-operate with human characters. The trailer features a sniper stationed in the EDZ named Devrim Kay the Eighth. Devrim requested support from Commander Zavala and the guardians come to aid the struggle.

Gameplay in the video shows classic features that Destiny players will recognize, such as the navigation map, killing enemies to collect specific item drops, and interacting with various environmental items. The fallen appear to be a prominent enemy in the EDZ. The video also includes new weapons, abilities, and a glimpse at an updated reputation system.

Destiny releases on September 6th for Xbox One.

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No more trailers or info for me. The release date is so close, I can taste it. My body is ready for this game!


Just a little bit longer and we shall be blasting Gary back to the stone age

Ok guys…so I am getting this on the XB1…need thoughts and opinions…Should I go Digital or Hardcopy?

  • Digital
  • Hard Copy

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A series of short promo trailers introduces the cast of characters for Destiny 2.

The heroes introduced include the fan favorite Cayde-6, as well as Hawthorne, Commander Zavala, and Ikora. Ghaul, the villain that destroyed the Tower and serves as the primary antagonist, also received a promo.


Destiny 2 releases on September 6th for Xbox One.

Who the flying fudge is Hawthorne.

Still waiting for a ‘Sweeper-Bot’ episode.

Running it on highest setting on PC and it looks phenomenal.

I thought your potato wouldn’t be able to manage that.

980M is running it great on highest settings on a 32" monitor.

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I’d say it depends on how much you think you’ll play. If you’re not getting dlc and stuff, I would probably get a disk to sell it once I was done with the base game. I put 700ish hours into destiny over its lifespan with all the dlcs. I know I’m gonna play the shit out of D2, so I’m getting the digital copy. I know I wont be wanting to sell it anytime soon. Just my 2 cents.


Jammer you aren’t getting any “Rusty Trombone” error messages like all like the people yesterday?

Ran perfectly when I was on.

I feel that this was a joke you missed @anon3687162

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Nice gesture?
Or, company piggy-backing off others’ misfortune with a publicity piece?


Luke Smith responding to tweets on WIRED