Destiny 2 on PC will block xsplit, obs, and overlays.

You will be able to use Nvidia Shadowplay or AMD Relive, but their overlays won’t work. You will be able to use a capture card but that would require a 2nd streaming PC. Count down before the streaming world blows up twitter.


I don’t understand the logic behind this.

They say it is to prevent cheating but like you I don’t get it. It is going to kill a lot of the free promotion they would get from all the streamers but in reality I don’t guess they really need it. They will still sell millions of copies.

Still - pushes the big streamers away from the PC platform for Destiny 2 (for streaming at least).

I honestly don’t get streaming but that’s a different conversation.

Countdown to Activision having Bungie tack on an overlay system that either adds ad revenue or is an extra charge in 3…2…1…