Destiny 2 Player Debunks Gambit Catch-Up Mechanic Theory

Think there’s a hidden catch-up mechanic in Destiny 2 ‘s Gambit mode that lowers damage? According to a player who tested this theory, no such mechanic exists.

Now, to be clear, there is a catch-up mechanic at work in Gambit when it comes to the team who summons their Primeval second. But that mechanic has been disclosed and discussed openly between developer Bungie and players. This new theory of a hidden catch-up mechanic has popped up among fans and claims that between rounds of Gambit, losing teams are given a damage buff against enemies.

But after testing out this theory, Mercules904 (who is well-known for his breakdowns of stats in Destiny 2 ) took to the Destiny subreddit to post his findings. And in doing so, he says the myth of a hidden catch-up mechanic in Gambit is busted. To test the theory, Mercules went into Gambit with the same two weapons and tested the damage he did when his team won versus when the teams were even or when his team was losing. No matter what, the damage numbers always stayed consistent regardless of the wins and losses on the board.

So while some players may feel that a subsequent round of Gambit is easier or harder, that looks to be purely anecdotal and could be skewed by multiple factors. It’s true that enemies in the second round of Gambit do in fact have more health and greater accuracy but that is for both teams and there is no favoritism at play.

But while this catch-up theory is debunked, the one tied to who spawns the first Primeval is very much still active, although it’s getting a major nerf later this month with the start of Destiny 2 ‘s Season 5.

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