Destiny 2 Raid Attempt (PSN) - 25th Oct

@Scuba_Steve1984 suggested we try another D2 Raid attempt on Wednesday for community night.

This would be on PSN, so let us know if you are interested in playing that night.

@Partho23, @Need_Rounds_Now, @mnvikesfan, @LudwigVonTokkenTakke, @galaxy5oo all showed some interest before?

Anyone else on PS4 in @DestinyPlayers?

Pretty sure most of us are inexperienced so apart from having a minimum PL of 260 all are welcome.

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If you’re interested, please also make sure to mention your time zone, and the best start time that works for you.

I am Eastern Standard Time and a start time of 7pm to 9pm would be best for me.

I’lll work with @unobtainaballs to try and compile a list of people and come up with a good start time by tomorrow evening.

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What time zone are you, and what start time works best for you?

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I am game for this. I am usually able to get on by about 8:30 CST, but I will try to be on a little earlier that night if I can.


I’m up for a run on Wednesday. Sorry to bail Sunday night.

I’m on Eastern time. Start time any time after 6:00 would be fine. I just like to be done by 10:30 at the latest.

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I would love too. My level is too low at moment. Hopefully after reset I will get to 280 ish. 260 is too low IMO and it would be a total struggle. I will try to be on around 800 cst

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@PlayStationPlayers will probably have a much easier time than the XBox guys. Too many potatoes over on XBox. @DestinyPlayers

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I should be available for a run Wednesday night. Have a 280 something titan.

Is that 18:00 CST?

Timezone / when available from and until?

EST. Open schedule. Id like to be done before 11pm to catch a stream, but if were balls deep in that MFer I’ll probably skip the stream. Also, as of last night, I am at 291 on my Titan. Ready to get some.

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EST and I’d say around 8pm just to be on the safe side.

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Don’t discount us PS4 players shooting potatoes… I’ve had bad nights without a doubt…

mean… just mean.[quote=“Lala_Calamari, post:11, topic:11342, full:true”]
@PlayStationPlayers will probably have a much easier time than the XBox guys. Too many potatoes over on XBox. @DestinyPlayers

Oh. Mean. Just mean.

That’s not mean. Hell, I wasn’t even trying. I can easily get worse.


HAHAHAHA - Troof… It’s definitely taking some time to get used to the mechanics of the Raid, but we are getting better. I was so happy we were able to complete the Gauntlet the other night. We should just keep it up. Eventually we’ll saturate the clan with Raid Ready-ish people who have all done at least one part successfully… maybe 2. If we had Deliverance in the Gardens with us we would have made it through there. I got lost too much. Next time, though… next time.

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That’s because the ear plugs were in and you couldn’t understand my accent. "Don’t go yet…okay never mind…you’ve been spotted.


Should I mention the IB night with potato aim >;3

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Apologies for not providing an update last night, I was on the 'cast and then was so exhausted I just went straight to bed after.

At the moment we have 6 of us who are available to start from 19:00 EST tonight.
@Scuba_Steve1984, @Partho23, @anon92806648, @DuvalFunk, @mnvikesfan and me.

Then @LudwigVonTokkenTakke is planning to join around 20:00 EST.
He can take my slot if everyone else is there.

I figure most people will be able to last 2-3 hours but after that we might get some who need to sleep or do other stuff.

So, if anyone wants to leave around 22:00/23:00 EST that is fine (or earlier if you need).
If @DuvalFunk and @Partho23 want to leave around then that’s fine.
We have @galaxy5oo and @KirK32 who will be online from around 22:00 EST to take the gaps.

I’ll be around until then if we have too many or a gap - so I can help out as needed.

I will be creating an event on the PSN community in a moment.
Let me or @Scuba_Steve1984 know if you have any problems, issues or are going to be delayed.

Here is a spreadsheet with various handles if you’re trying to figure out who is who.


Sounds good to me. Im in it for the long haul. We got this fellas!