Destiny 2 Raid Attempt (PSN) - Wed 1st Nov

There was some interest in running another Destiny 2 Raid attempt on PSN tomorrow night for Community Night.

Sorry for the late notice this time around, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll update a spreadsheet and see when we can start.

Who in @PlayStationPlayers is interested?

Pretty sure most of us are still inexperienced so apart from having a minimum PL of 260 all are welcome.

Let me know your:

  • PSN handle
  • Start / End time preferred
  • Timezone

I am interested. I will give you a timeframe once I discuss with my PIC.

9:30pm Start time until I can’t take anymore.
Eastern Standard Time

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Person In Chair?
Person In Charge?
Pilot In Command?


So close!

“Partner in Crime” AKA Girlfriend

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@anon92806648 - no worries.

Very, very, very dedicated players who commit huge amounts of time to discovering things by trying all sorts of things and probably by trying things that have worked before, either in other games or in Destiny.

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I hoped I would no if I would be available by now, but I don’t know yet. There’s a slim chance I’ll be on tonight. Don’t save a spot for me.

I would like to give it some more tries. I think had a good group last week