Destiny 2 Raids

What’s up everyone!! Just wanted to see how many of you have not completed all the Raids and if you wanted to before the big dlc in September. I’ve only completed maybe 2 Raids, mainly because I give myself anxiety and don’t want to be the reason we didn’t complete the Raid :rofl:.

So if you’re interested in wanting to complete the All the Raids let me know either on here or Discord.

Tagging @destinyplayers for you.

Thanks!! Though there seems to be no interest :thinking::laughing:

actually there is is…we just ne3ed to get organized with the trumphs being a thing for all the raids going away, we will all want to do all 5 by the end of summer…I will start a new thead/threads for each and i want 1-2 ppl to be contact ppl to sherpa us through… for example @ezekielJP and i could sherpa the noobiest of noobs through argos but crown of sorrow and spire of stars will be interesting… I may look to @okie_outlaw for those 2…anyway stand by more to come

I may be inclined to help with these since I’ve completed no raids at all

Count me in. I’m definitely interested.