‘Destiny 2’ Restores Missing Currency In Its First Ever Rollback, Losing An...

I have seen a lot of crises pop up in Destiny in my day, but it’s usually just something like “Telesto lets you fill your super instantly” or “this trace rifle one-shots in Crucible.” But yesterday? Yesterday was bad.

A new hotfix launched, which was supposed to be a relatively low-key affair, and yet when players logged into Destiny 2 , they found that a large amount of their currencies were missing. That has…never happened before.

I assembled a full list of the missing items yesterday, but the most crucial things gone were Glimmer, Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms, Silver, Bright Dust and the hardest to obtain upgrade material in the game, Ascendant Shards, where players had lost entire stacks of them. Within the hour, Destiny was taken offline, and eventually came back online about 10:30 PM ET.

Everyone’s stuff is back!

I’ve gone through my account and nothing at all seems to missing. This is because Bungie did something they have never done before, a complete character account rollback, where they set the timer back to 11:30 ET, about 30 minutes before the patch went live. We got all our stuff back not because it was magically sprinkled into our inventories, but because our characters were literally time-traveled back before the currency was taken. A dramatic fix for a dramatic problem.

This did, however, come at a price. Not for many players, but some.

The cost of a rollback was that anything your character did between 11:30 AM and 1 PM ET was undone. Most players, at work or at school, weren’t even playing. In my case, the only thing I did was buy a single Eververse shader before I realized the currency problem existed, and figured that if they did have to do a rollback, that it was probably the right call to stop playing.

But I know there are Destiny folks who play every day right at reset, and may jump immediately in to their activity of choice. And even if they noticed the currency issue, Bungie has never done a complete rollback before, so they may have felt safe to keep playing.

Anything acquired during that time window was lost, however. I’ve heard of people saying they lost valuable raid drops or Sundial god rolls in that first hour, which is a shame, and unlike the currency, that stuff ain’t coming back.

In general, I have to applaud how Bungie handled this situation. They reacted swiftly and gave prompt updates every hour on the hour until the situation was resolved. And it was resolved, minus that hour of missing time.

Hopefully you didn’t lose any god rolls

Though it does make you stop and think that maybe Bungie is pushing a little too hard lately if what was supposed to be a relatively minor hotfix ends up erasing currency in one of the worst bugs I’ve ever seen in the game. Destiny in general seems to keep launching content with an increasing amount of bugs. Not that you’ll ever erase them all, but this season alone has been fraught with them, though thankfully many of them were helpful, like a 500% increase damage Wish-Ender we got to play with for a month. This currency one? Not so much.

We are in the tail end of Season of Dawn now, only Empyrean Foundation and Crimson Days are still on the menu. What new bugs might we see before next season? Who knows, but hopefully not another one like this.

Honestly the fact you only lost an hour of time is actually really good.

**Nerd Speak
Guessing they take a checkpoint of the entire environment, or at least the player DB before dropping updates. So if shit hits the fan they got a solid DR plan. Kudos to them for having it and for it actually working.

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we have disaster data saves and those few times we have had to use it i lose much more than an hour of data…usually is file overwrite not lost files but yea…pretty amazing they pulled this one out