Destiny 2’s Season Of The Arrival: What’s Behind Bungie’s Mystery Door?

Well, the Almighty is destroyed, it’s one day until the launch of Destiny 2’s next season and we have maybe learned one thing about it over the weekend.

That would potentially be the name, where after the Almighty got blown to bits, a notice popped up in the game promoting tomorrow’s livestream reveal. In non-English languages, there were lines that translated to “Season of the Arrival,” though at least in one instance, “Season of the Visitors.” But I’m betting on Arrival being the season name that’s been hidden up to this point. At the very least it’s not “Season of the Queen” or “Season of the Stranger” which would lead to obvious plot points.

But so does “Arrival” as the Pyramids are…here. We have already seen that they are literally at Jupiter, which means they are in occupied space. That puts them inside the orbit of Saturn, so theoretically they could be at Titan, depending on how orbits work, and they are essentially on top of Io. The seasonal trailers show Drifter and Eris on Europa.

And yet…that’s it. For the first time, Bungie has not said anything about this coming season, and will not be doing so until [tomorrow at 12 PM ET](Destiny 2 Reveal - 6/9 @ 9am Pacific - YouTube), an hour before it launches. No trailer, no roadmap, no TWAB. The only things we know are about more general changes like alterations to how seasonal engram drops work. But nothing of substance.

It’s a risk. Kind of a big risk, frankly, to not market the launch of a new $10 season at all , particularly after Season of the Worthy let so many fans down. And yet a totally secret season is something that Bungie has mused about forever, and now they’re finally doing it. And they probably have a reason.

So, what do I think is coming?

I would not expect a season that is substantially different from the previous two we’ve already seen. I am hoping for an upgrade over Season of the Worthy, but I would not expect something larger in scale than Season of Dawn. What that means is probably one or two central PvE activities, a new slate of weapons and armor that go along with them. And it might be time for something secretive and Zero Hour-ish later in the season, given that we are now past a year when we got our last secret weapon quest.

I do indeed believe these Eris/Drifter teasers have to do with this current season, not fall, and we will see whatever is going on there play out this season. I do not know if a third teaser showing another character (the Stranger! The Queen!) will arrive today, but I’d be a little surprised. Even if characters like that were coming, that seems like something Bungie would either save for the reveal tomorrow, or for players to find in the season itself once it launches.

My gut tells me that we may be getting an “early preview” of Europa. As in, whatever the seasonal activity is going to be, it might take place on Europa without opening up that moon to be a wider patrol zone. I still believe we will get Europa as an actual zone, but that won’t happen until fall. Rather, if Eris and Drifter find something under the ice right now, that’s where we could be going, flying directly to that location rather than getting to fully explore Europa. Or the activity could be on a “nearby” zone like Titan or Io.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2


My confidence in my theory about this season being about the Deep Stone Crypt, birthplace of the exos, has decreased from about 85% to 40%. I haven’t seen any further hints about that potentially being the case, and I know that we are indeed on Europa, not Enceladus, though I won’t rule out DSC completely. And if the Exo Stranger does show up, that would reinforce it. But again, despite the earlier hints, this may not be where we’re going.

What I do expect with the launch of this season is some sort of surprise attached to the launch because I mean, why else would Bungie be keep this level of secrecy up until an hour before? What would be the point if it was just a totally standard season with nothing surprising at the outset.

So, what would that surprise potentially be?

The Veil are here, a brand new race has arrived – No, despite “Season of the Arrival,” that seems too big, and I have to believe it’s being saved for fall. My guess is the main enemy race this season will either be Taken (haven’t been a focus since Season of the Drifter) or the Hive (time to bring Frozen Hive back).

New ice subclasses – Again, I can definitely see this happening, but not now. Again, as a selling point for fall.

Zone destroyed – Alright, now we’re getting interesting. This could be the moment the long-running theory about Destiny destroying one of its existing zones comes to fruition. To save space in the game, but also show how much of a threat the Pyramids are. The zones on the chopping block would be Io or Titan, most likely, though we have no idea how the game would rewrite so many missions with those places simply cut from the game.

Zone altered – I could see perhaps…Io being “Pyramid corrupted” in some way, as in, we see parts of that zone transformed by the arrival of the Pyramid ships nearby. This wouldn’t help with space-saving concerns, but it would be a welcome surprise.

Past that, I have no idea. It could just be a story point like yes, the Stranger has shown up or Mara is arriving with the Nine in tow to help us. I genuinely have no idea

And that’s fun. I like not knowing. I don’t think this is a card Bungie can play all that often, but I am certainly willing to see how this experiment goes. The lack of promotion has escalated hype more than actual promotion probably would have, and we’ll have to see what it’s all leading to tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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I like your take. I also like that this could be sweet ass season. I took a break so I bring that optimism back while I’ve leveled the past two weeks. These guys and gals have made a crazy good game so far. We’ve seen several people recently that have started D2 from the start and I have a little envy because that’s what’s great with this game, new shit to figure out.