Destiny 2’s Second DLC Title Leaked?

Fallen warmind…believeable?
Could be cool.
What do you think @DestinyPlayers?

I bought the expansion pass, so I’ll be checking this out when it drops.
I’ve been gone a little while, so I might enjoy some of the other QoL changes that I think have occurred in the last few months.

I’ll see how much I enjoy it / how long I play it for.

I’m almost certain that I won’t be buying any further DLC for D2 after that though.

I’ll check it out. Break out the Hunter. Might as well as I paid for it.

I know we still have a decent sized group that plays Destiny so hopefully we can keep this thread shit free. If you don’t like D2 or aren’t playing Destiny anymore then don’t pile on here. Let those that still enjoy it have a discussion.

Here’s where you can rant about D2.


Looking forward to it. Based on the title it could bring some interesting story elements surrounding the warminds

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I will also be checking it out as I have the expansion pass. I want them to get it right so I sure hope they do. I will enjoy the backdrop and knowing more about the Warmind regardless.

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