Destiny 2’s Spicy Ramen Quest Doesn’t Have More Steps

There must have been 15+ GRG @destinyplayers on last night and we all had the same question…“whats the next step on Spicy Ramen?”
This may or may not help

The secret Solstice of Heroes quest in Destiny 2 that was leaked earlier this month is live in the game, and it is less of a quest and more of a collectible. Bungie, the game’s developer, has confirmed that there are no further steps associated with the Cayde’s Spicy Ramen quest, despite players heartily hoping and trying to make it so.

With today’s weekly reset, players received a new quest notification on the Director screen for the Cayde’s Spicy Ramen quest, guiding them to the Ramen shop in the Tower. Once players check in there, they receive an in-game item that goes into the Inventory screen—the Expired Ramen Coupon. There’s nothing to do with the item except to read its Lore tab.

But Destiny 2 players were insistent that there must be something more to the quest. Unfortunately for those hopeful there were secrets to be found, one of Bungie’s community managers, Dylan Gafner, replied to some fans confirming that there is no second step to the quest:

Some theorized that the item could become something more significant, similar to how the once-useless Box of Raisins items in Destiny 1 eventually led to a quest a year later that unlocked a shader. But, at least for the immediate future, it appears there are no plans to do anything else with the item. Never say never, though, considering that Bungie could always decide to do something with it at some point. It might be good to store away one Expired Ramen Coupon just in case.

So, in the end, it seems that the Expired Ramen Coupon is just a final Year 1 sendoff of sorts for Cayde-6, who will meet his permanent demise in the first story mission of the Forsaken expansion, which launches in just two weeks. The last line of the lore tab appears to be a nod to and a dispelling of a popular fan theory that Cayde will return at some point, reborn as Cayde-7.

So there you have it…the extent of the pre-story to our story of the death of our favorite character…see bungie loves us…want some ascendant raisins?


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The community will never let it go.
Regardless of what the Dev team say.

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I know…I think there are less theories about the Kennedy assassination