‘Destiny 2’ Secrets Are Pouring Out Of The Beyond Light Collector’s Edition

Well, we can’t play the expansion for three more weeks, but a bunch of people have been shipped their collector’s editions of Destiny 2: Beyond Light early, and the community is currently rifling through the contents to unveil new bits of lore and secret codes and enduring mysteries.

I’m going to try to break chunks of it down into digestible portions, as there’s a lot going on right now as places like r/raidsecrets goes to town on everything in this package.

For starters, there’s a new journal that seems to be the source of most of this, and a few puzzles solved within (and I think a code in the pulsing pyramid shard) ended up giving out some emblem codes that I believe everyone is free to redeem on the Bungie site, though you can’t actually get the emblems yet:

Past that, there are a number of lore developments touched on in the journal, an exploration of the Vanguard travel ban that was implemented for Europa, and among the highlights (potential spoilers follow) are:

  • There are reports of life under the surface similar to Titan. No signs of Ahamkara.
  • Mithrax is now actually reporting intelligence to us, confirming that yes, he’s a true ally these days. He’s saying something about “darkness zones” on Europa which could equal light suppression (places where we can only use stasis? unclear).
  • Exo memories all seem to be linked to Europa as the moon in their dreams.
  • There are theories that Xur may have found/assembled his physical body from somewhere on Europa. The Nine are interested in “dark matter” on Europa.
  • Confirmation that Ghaul got the light suppression technology he used against us and the Traveler from the Dreadnaught.
  • Finally, ultimate confirmation that yes, the Exo Stranger is Elsie Bray, Ana’s sister (I’ve been convinced of this since Warmind), as she talks about her grandfather, Clovis Bray, and his “hideous experiments” he did trying to achieve immortality. “Readers beware, my grandfather was worse than you know." There is a theory that Eramis might be the story boss, but it’s possible an exo Clovis Bray might be the raid boss in the Deep Stone Crypt. Woo boy.

There may be more, but these are the highlights for now.

Past that, there is a website that got dug up from the journal that at the time of this writing, appears to have been taken offline, but before that, was a rotating string of codes. This seemed like something that was going to be timegated until November 5, with some backend digging, so I’m not sure what’s going on with it at the present moment. We may just have to wait.

There is some sort of weird maze pattern that someone discovered in the corner of 4K Beyond Light wallpaper that people are trying to parse out.

There may be more to come, and I’m sure people are going to tell me about puzzles to be solved that I’ve missed here, but that’s the gist of it. I’m probably the most excited about the lore, as usually the puzzles in these sorts of things lead to minor rewards (like emblems), but I guess we’ll see. I’m always a fan of anything resembling an ARG, so stay tuned as we figure out where this goes.

this is the code word…ARG!?