Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Trailer

@valiantvictory did I beat you again?



Ahhhhhh fuck maybe I’m gonna get it after all

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i watched it and with so many vidocs, i forgot to post this one… scooped again @Lala_Calamari


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…Speaking of shadowkeep… we need 1-2 more for the next reapercast…we will be discussing our thoughts after having shadowkeep to play for a week

we record 10/7…any GRG is welcome more the merrier (and less ppl have to hear me)

It brings me great joy to scoop Valiant on Destiny news only because it bothers him so much. And misery brings Grumpkins joy.

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That’s the spirit. We can mock it together.

statler and waldorf laughing GIF

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I am not getting it unless i can call in tanks with a flare.

there are tanks!!