Destiny 2 Tater Raid 3/24 EOW

I have the Argos PH2 checkpoint this week so we can try to get the completion without dealing with the rest of it that we have already completed many times before. Destroyer and I will be running Nighthawk so ideally we would have one Orpheus Rig to go with that. We can work that out tonight. Gather together 9 est and we should be running by 9:30 after @valiantvictory puts the kids to bed. Reserve your spot here. @DestinyPlayers If anyone is running late that is o k, we will probably go ahead but we can run it again or we have plenty of other Milestone/Faction stuff to work on after the raid.

Destroyer T1
Sniper T1

It is gonna be a good time fellas!

Can’t get there tonight. Hopefully next week. Good luck!

I should be available. Look for me.

Good run last night @BrambledWhiskey, @ixL0N3W0LFxi, Destroyer, @Johneffinggalt, @valiantvictory. After John left we decided to try one more time with a LFG and we cruised right through it first try. He (LFG guy that had 118 clears) showed us a neat shortcut using the Hunters with Celestial Nighthawk equipped. Two hunters take out the critical spots and everyone else can stay on the ground and get in position, clean up ads, grab ammo and charge supers.

If anyone wants to bring up their Hunter for this I would be glad to help. I think it would be very effective even at 325 LL. We could easily run 6 Hunters all the way through this. On phase one we could have 3 hunters defending with Orpheus rigs and tethers. On phase two we just switch all but one to Celestial…

Thanks for making this post @Sniper_T1 it was a great run…we were close a couple times the normal way…with the MLG/LFG Hunter GG guy we brought in we learned…For those of you that have not played Destiny with me you don’t know how much this pains me to say…this Raid (lair) was designed for hunters. In every way, those fucking hunters destroy Argos. So bring your hunter and we can kill this shit quick on Saturday nights.

We all know Hunters are the Master Race. I’m not sure why you were confused.

Well, that’s fucking great.

There were 2 good tricks that we learned, that when you go again with us, that will make things easier…so it was us not you :wink:

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