Destiny 2 - Weekly Milestones Reward Bug

Apparently, the weekly milestones all reset last night but if you complete them now the rewards don’t exceed 500.


lol, awesome.

Ok time to work in the characters that are under 500, bungie you hate me :expressionless:

…don’t know what this means

So, they’re saying that you can earn your weekly rewards as usual.

However, the UI is bugged and it will/can/might show them as available after you’ve already done them (that week).

So if you remember which weeklies you’ve done on each toon/week then you’ll be fine.

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Uh oh.

Update from Bungie says that the regular Tuesday reset is going to be affected (tomorrow), so PE rewards won’t be available from weekly reset activities after the reset until they fix the bug…

Weekly Challenges Reset : After further investigation, we have determined that the Gambit, Crucible, and Story Weekly Challenges did reset at 5 PM PDT Saturday instead of at the Weekly Reset. Due to this issue they will not reset again at the Weekly Reset on Tuesday at 10 AM PDT. This will impact the acquisition of Powerful Rewards depending on when players completed the impacted Weekly Challenges. We are investigating a fix for this issue and will provide updates in this thread as they are available. The Strike and Nightfall Weekly Challenges do not appear to impacted at this time. - Updated 9/9/2018

[dmg04] 2 hours ago

Let’s dive a little deeper:

  • Tuesday (9/4), you had your Weekly challenges appear, as expected.
  • On Saturday (9/8), players who had completed their Daily Heroic Story, Gambit, and Crucible challenges earlier in the week had their challenges reappear in error.
  • Rewards for each challenge had not been reset, only the challenges themselves. As such, these only granted ordinary legendary rewards, as the bug couldn’t offer powerful rewards.
  • Reset occurred this week (9/11), but those three challenges didn’t appear again for those who double dipped on Saturday (9/8).
  • Once the issue is addressed on Thursday (9/13), these specific challenges will appear properly and grant proper rewards only for those who didn’t have them.

It’s a fun, somewhat confusing bug. Hope this helps. If not, just wait for the Hotfix, and all will be right as rain.

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