Destiny 2 Xbox Raid (lair) Night 6/23 9pm

We have added at least 3 new ppl to the clan this week,so here’s the skinny. Please sign up here. It would be great if you can tell us which raid lair you are interested in. Slots will be for those that sign up,then those who show up but did not and then LFG if needed.
We have interest in trying Spire of STARS and if we get 6 interested, one group will go that way. I know some had preference for Argos, b/c light level or just want to get it done…we will do our best to get everyone the lair they want. (sorry I don’t think we have the bodies or the interest for Levi/Calus tonight) @destinyplayers

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I’m up for whatever if you need to fill a slot. I’ll sit if others want to go.

I’m interested in the raid… I’ve never done spire of stars… but definitely willing to learn.

As far as I know, no one in this clan has done it, we are virgin potatoes, going to get smashed…so we plan to have a few drinks and have fun but do not have any delusions about finishing spire, tonight…but it will get there

Awesome…LOL… So I wont be the only one dying :rofl:. I will go on old faithful you tube and figure some of the mechanics out…well try to anyway. Will you be sending out invites? Not sure how it works here for game nights.

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Ha…Same time

I’m hoping to be on. I’d like to take a run at stars. But if we hit a wall finishing EoW at least.

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I will be on around 9 to run spires.

Destroyer is in for the raid.

What is the minimum recommended light level just so everyone knows.

Right now it looks like:

  1. @Ronin
  2. @Sniper_T1
  3. Destroyer
  4. Valiantvictory


We have had game party discussions and there are 3 others with interest…so we are a go
more of a question of who and what; we will discuss at 9 tonight

I’m ll351 i did believe and I’ve never ran the spirebut i will watch a video to learn. If I’m to low of a LL just tell me and I’ll grind

Never mind. I’m too low of a light level for that. I want to runbut I’m not gonna drag u guys down cuzI’m weak lol

Just got word Destroyer is out tonight.

Wait no room for my LL of 216?

@Chevahh2clevahh @anon3687162 if you both want to run…based on interest we can probably run 2 teams but 216 will be tough for even argos…I think 305 is recommended for that…show up and bs with us a bit at 9…it usually takes some time to get going and there is always something to do

Not able to make it tonight. Hanging out with some good friends. Adult drinks involved as well. Hope y’all get it done tonight. Have a good one y’all.

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