Destiny and the Pinnacle Power chase

This is a bit worrisome. Bungie needs to rethink their endgame a bit here. Apparently you can only upgrade your light level past 950 is with Pinnacle Drops. Pinnacle drops only drop 1 Light Level higher than your current score and will not increase until ALL your gear is at that level. So when you hit 950 your pinnacles will drop at 951. You will not see 952s until EVERYTHING is 951. The big issue here is the only way to get Pinnacles is from the 100k Nightfall and the Raid. The raid does not have a power weapon at all. So you are screwed unless you get lucky and get a Power Weapon from the 100k Nightfall.

Of course Iron Banner offers a few more ways to earn Pinnacle drops but you have to wait until then to get Power weapons.

Even worse is if other players are lucky enough to get good pinnacle drops and raise their light level to a much higher level there is a possibility of getting 2 shot with a Jade Rabbit. So the major try hards with good luck will have a huge advantage over filthy casuals.

This is not good Bungie. You need to rethink your loot drops.



The new master nightmare hunts give you a pinnacle drop as well and I think the master nightfall does too, but there needs to be more sources for pinnacle drops. People have been speculating that there’s not going to be a power increase for the next season. So if that’s the case then the grind from 950 to 960 is supposed to take place over multiple seasons with only your artifact getting reset at the start of the season.

:point_up_2: agreed…the tubers say no one is near the 960 base light (btw it is light or LL 4eva not power, just cannot do it)

Not sure this is 100% true…I got a 951 auto from the raid before I was even 950…maybe it was a glitch

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Yikes. Sounds daunting. @AsnPersuasion27 Same thing happened to me. Had a heavy drop at 951 before all my gear was 950. Might be a glitch.

Or the Pinnacle 950+ grind might not happen until you hit 950. Once 950 pinnacles are locked at +1 (if you have all the same LL gear).

While i can complain about the grind…there is something different this time for the 1st time in Destiny history…there is no max light (power) yes you can chase that base power but at 950, its safe to start looking for that 60+ stat level gear and masterworking it and work on endgame activities like master level hunt and nightfalls (and raid of course) that 950 to 960 being slow may feel more of a grind if you focus on it…on the other hand just do what you want and level up the gate lords eye… I’m +11, 3 weeks into the game so safe to say ill be +20-30 at least by the end of the season…if i hit 960 is less important that being 980-990 overall…bounties and stuff you want to do will get you there