Destiny Changes FTW

So im going to go straight to the point and point out that, this is what we were waiting for. I know Destiny has taken a direction that wasnt what we expect but its making its way back. Lately weve all been having fun yelling and cursing in the Iron Banana. So these little changes will enhance our potato nights.

One little detail I loved about this article was the video showing us the changes in development.

@Lala_Calamari snipers seem to work now. So you better get the master race of yours and show us those sniping skills youre talking about.


You all can’t handle my sniping skills.

The issue with sniping in pvp is really just Destiny 2’s map designs. They took a CoD BLOPS approach to Destiny 2 maps, everything is tight and closed in. There really isn’t any long range sniping lanes. No place to post up and defend points.

They also took a circular design to the capture points making defending points way to hard. The circular design and the reduction in players (6 to 4) created a game of ring around the rosie.

That is what it is, sandbox changes should change it into, controlling a sector. Which is how weve been running Iron Banana and it has been working out. Teamwork and communication for max efficiency. Sandbox changes would change it entirely tho with how guns feels and work.

Good. Snipers are dirty whore campers. Run-N-Gun or GTFO.

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