Destiny Clan clean up (XBOX) on 7/3

Eyes up Guardian


With Beyond Light ( on the horizon…its time for some annual list trimming…there are some in the destiny 2 clan that have 750 light and have not gamed since we went back to the moon…while we love you and will welcome all GRG taters that want to play the game, we don’t want to hold spot in our almost full clan (limited to 100) for ppl not planning to return and not currently playing

NOTE: this is for the destiny clan only not GRG in general

So if you are NOT active but want to stay in just let me know by replying to this tread by 7/3/20.
If you are active…played Destiny 2 since 1/1/20? then you are all set…you don’t need to do anything you are still in.

I’m still here just real has me busy

Boot @Grex.


Honestly, don’t get offended if you get removed from the Destiny Clan. I know it’s hard to do in today’s offended society. There is only 100 spots available in a clan so we just try to keep those active in. If you are on a break and want back in, ask and we re-add you immediately. It’s no big deal.

Remove me if you haven’t yet.

Maybe it’s no big deal to you, but I haven’t played that game in so long I can’t remember and I feel I deserved to suck up somebody’s spot that actually plays the game.