Destiny Clan Wars?

Saw on Reddit that there’s a Destiny version of Clan Wars. Maybe we can look into this? I’m at work and the dirty Government Firewall blocks a lot of game websites. If someone wants to look into it that would be awesome. Otherwise when I get home (in 10+ hours) I’ll look into it.

went a looked it up. It not an official Bungie clan war thing. Its a community driven event leader-board based on events. it grabs the data from

Here is the reddit post explaining.

If you guys want to register that is fine by me. Only one person needs to register and it will pull the whole clan over it seems.

Yea I agree. We cab look into it and see if it’s something everyone would be interested in. I know clan wars in CoD were always a good time.

Yeah only one person needs to sign up. I am not sure if it will pull both Xbox and PS Clan folks. since bungie has it setup weird with groups and clans. We have the GrimReaper group with both XBox and PS clans underneath the Group.

yeah i believe that is how it works. Us vs other clans.

Yea I’ll be on tonight. I won’t be doing another 6 mile ruck march like last night. And idk we might need the Xboners help if we can’t even finish Crota haha

True. Alpha and I took turns running the sword. I need to practice that a couple more and I’ll have it down.

You done the weekly and nightfall yet?

Well I’ll run you through when you can

Ginger is too easy a target

Ok. Cool. Thanks Primate. It pulled both XBOX and PS members over. We play as one whole team. Us vs Other guilds. This could be fun to see how we stack against other clans.

Some members have their account marked as Private. If you account is marked private then your stats will not count towards clan wars. Check the FAQ if you would like your stats to count.

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Awesome thanks Grex!

hm neat.

We received a new badge after our first event:

Nice job to those who participated


Clan Wars: May 14th - May 18th

For those of you who are actively participating, this weeks event is :

+2% score points for headshot
+1% score points for Scout Rifle kills
+5% score points for each clan member in your fireteam

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Just click on the clan link and you can see our progress. No need to login.

Just make sure your account is good to go, and you’re all set :slight_smile: