Destiny Iron Potato Trash Talk Thread

Figured I’d start the Trash Talk thread. Really no need for it since everyone knows Team Sandy Vag is winning. Fear this scoreboard, scrubs.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
So here’s a few thousand pictures streamed continuously back to back.
That ends with an image like this:

Team #1 will be known as #1 team henceforth…prove us otherwise

i suck at trash talk. but my only mission is to see who i can shoot in the face more. @Lala_Calamari or @valiantvictory

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Awe that’s cute La La…you know that only proves that you’re the best of the low crap tier you play at…when you’re ready for the big leagues I’ll be ready…with a bullet that has your name on it. Bring it!

Easy answer, Valiant of course. Have you seen him play? Ugh.

I will be playing this on repeat, and laughing at you all.

I’m so good it’s scary…