Destiny - King's Raid - I need a Fireteam - Xbox One

I’ve never run the King’s Raid completely through. Anytime I managed to get a group together, they’d get bored & leave before we even got to the first boss.

So I need some help. I’d like to run through the raid a couple of times, (once a week or so) to acquire some of that sweet sweet raid loot.

I also wouldn’t mind getting a small team together to run Nightfalls and Strikes. Maybe help me with some of those odd missions to get the Black Spindle and some other weapons I’m missing.

Any takers?

I’m free Wednesday through Saturday nights most weeks. Gamertag is Gatsu Godhand on XBL.

I just unlocked this myself on PS4 and can’t wait to run it, though i will probably regret saying that once i am actually getting my ass kicked in it

I am working on my hunter- but I can run my other toons if needed- @TexasReaperCrew: you want to run the raid again !!! Get on the Xbox

What night?

Ive never done KF either. I’d be down to do it for sure.

How does Friday night around 10pm est sound? If anyone needs to start at a later time we can do that too.

I dont think I have done any destiny raids…but if this is forming up…i will try to get caught up…what light level do i need to get to?

Ideal is 290-295 I think. If you’re too low under recommended you’re damage output gets effected.

Also @EnyoBellona - if you want to run the other 2 Raids at any point, I’d be happy to help with those as well. They should be pretty easy now with all the higher light gear.

Just checked…I have a Warlock on XB1 with LL of 292

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I have a 304 Huntard and a 298 Titan I can raid with. I don’t acknowledge my bastard warlock.

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I have a titan and warlock at 300+ and a hunter close to being there.

Wish I could but am still at 241 light level.

shouldn’t take too long to get there.

Hmmmm seems to be an interest in destiny again. I think I’ll have to reinstall it. Never did any of the raids so I’ll have to link up with some of the crew in GRG. If I remember right I had a 299 Titan.

Alright. So if we’ve got enough people, I’ll be on around 10pm EST this coming Friday night (July 1st), if that’s good for everyone interested in jumping in this week.