Destiny Nightfalls

I know many of you have moved on and that D2 is not what D1 was for you. That said I enjoyed the last 3 Special events (Iron Banner, Crimson Days and Faction Ralley) and have been playing more. Today marks a rather big update and scoring and challenge cards have been added to the nightfall (remember Prison of Elders, D1) I’d like to get a group though and get a feel for scoring tonight.


  1. We get a group @DestinyPlayers
  2. This event is fun and social
  3. GRG has interest

I will make this a weekly thing (and add to calendar for Tuesdays as it is reset day)


I am in. Having a lot of fun with Destiny. The only Milestone I am not getting is the Nightfall because it is such a pain. Besides the Trials of course.

I will try to get Destroyer in also. If his girl friend will let him. Why is it a thing if we play games with our friends 4 or 5 hours a week.

I’ll be on tonight if you can’t get destroyer.

Best if we can 2 or more teams of three we can compare notes and scores :wink: and see if can be a weekly thing. I was thinking @ixL0N3W0LFxi , me @Rigonn ? maybe Sniper, destroyer and @ezekielJP ? If we don’t have people show up we’ll spam them into submission. A nightfall can be quick , like under 30 minutes and under 12 MLG. So we can drag some of those peeps playing other stuff for a quick nightfall strike.

I would be down for this got there Is room

We will make room. I have all toons at 335 so can run it 3 times.

Im in for sure!

Hey funny thing…did not put a time I will be hanging around doing tower crap by 845 plan to start herding cats/taters by 9

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In like Flynn

In doing housekeeping now.

I’m down. Let me know when.